Icon 2017 Honors

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild--author: The Scrap Book Trilogy

Jerry and I were honored and humbled to win the 2017 Icon award for Branding July 13. This was a huge honor in our industry. The event was held at the restored Fox Theater in Atlanta. A special thank you to Mr. Jeff Portman, Mike Turnbull, Andrew McDonald, George Kacic, Douglas Broward, Mike Pearson, Rich Fiallo, and Warren Shoulberg for all your kindness and support. Jacqueline

It was an evening like no other and we were lucky to have our son Chad attend with us.

Our category was branding, an area we are constantly working on.

Dinner and drinks were served in the Fox Theater's beautiful Egyptian Room prior to the ceremony. Gentlemen from the Icon committee had visited our store and tea room June 20th to interview us and make a film of our business. We were tearful to see Her Majesty's on the big screen when they announced our names. They are sending us a copy of the video we can post on line.

Thank you for this special time. Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild--author: The Scrap Book Trilogy

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