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Scrap Booking...

I have noticed so many of my younger customers here at Her Majesty's English Tea Room have started scrap booking. It is almost as though they have discovered this art form... They say they do not like their photos being hidden in their phones and they want to see them. By event. By theme.

Perfect! I feel the same way! I like to sort my photos and what ever little bits of scrap that seem to tie it all together-- almost like a journal, I like to scrap book. I will add a tiny charm just to really take my page up a notch. Or a piece of ribbon to add some texture and color.

My love of scrap booking led me to writing the Scrap Book Trilogy. If you are a scrap booker or just simply collecting all your memories in a shoe box until you have time--I think you will enjoy my new mini series. Each story stands alone but they are a bit more fun when read starting with Creating Memories and moving to Grand Memories and then ending with Charmed Memories. I hope you will take a look at them.

And if you are a scrap booker, let me know.

Warm regards,