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Collecting tea pots...

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild--author: Estate of Mind

Tea is always the answer. But it is even nicer to enjoy your tea from a lovely tea pot. We carry many here at Her Majesty's. 99% are from England where we feel they make the nicest. But it is also flea market season and you could easily discover a fabulous find!

Tea for one are tiny tea pots stacked on top of their own matching cups. These are available at Her Majesty's. It is a special treat for guests to have their own tea pot.

We set them on cake stands for a bit more drama.

This Yorkshire Tea tea pot is sturdy enough to take on a picnic. Simply put your tea in a thermos and then transfer to your tea pot to serve. We carry both Yorkshire Gold tea (the one the Queen drinks) and the matching tea pots.