I think you would enjoy my novel Estate of Mind.

Estate of Mind: Ever wonder what it would be like to restore an old mansion and then turn it into a bed and breakfast? Miranda never thought of this, she simply had to move her aging father from the city to a country retirement center, and get her two small children out of inner city schools. And this meant sacrificing her own career. But how hard could it be to find a new career in the country? Or a place to live? Harder than she ever imagined!

Taking a job as housekeeper at a derelict mansion, Miranda begins digging it out while vowing that when the absentee owner returns, she would give him a piece of her mind for living like such a slob.

After endless scrubbing, painting, polishing and restoring, the old house starts to shine. And to Miranda’s delight, the attic holds a treasure trove of old furniture just waiting to be brought back to life. Encouraged by her friends, Miranda turns the gorgeous estate into a bed and breakfast.

But what happens when the absentee owner finally comes home, only to be checked in by Miranda’s seven year old son?

Welcome to Estate of Mind. Set in an old apple orchard in the middle of the middle of nowhere.

Available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kindle and Her Majesty's English Tea Room. I think you'll enjoy it. Jacqueline

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