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My new book Estate of Mind is coming soon...

Ever wonder what it would be like to turn a derelict old mansion from heap to heaven? And after you hauled out all the trash and scoured it from top to bottom began to decorate it? Cursing the slob who trashed the house to begin with?

My heroine Miranda was desperate. She moved from the city to the country simply to find a retirement center for her aging father, and to get her two children out of city schools.

She had no idea it would be next to impossible to find an apartment ...or a job.

When she was offered the job of housekeeper to a heap of a house, she knew she didn't have any other options.

Slowly she began to dig out the house. And to her surprise, the attic was full of treasures. So after all her refurbishing, she began decorating.

As a former interior designer, I had many great experiences to pull from. And I know first hand what treasures lie in people's attics...