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Romantic Dressing made easy...

I am so excited about this gorgeous new top! I even have one on today! It is EASY to wear and yet so romantic! Not so terribly full cut you feel like you are hiding something...just enough ease to flow and look pretty. The black trim really sets it apart. I am wearing black and white spectators with it and black legging capris. Stop in, our clothing racks are filling up with new treats and I am marking older things down. I have started putting mark downs in the black and white fitting room/bathroom. They are all 9.99. Because they are down to the last size and have to go.

I continue to mark down little girls classic dresses to 12.99 to make room for new Princess outfits. And Jerry marked down some toddler and little boys things from 1.99 to about 6.99. So, we are serious about making room for new things.

Hope you stop in. Jacqueline