New dresses at Her Majesty's...

Just one of our new dresses at Her Majesty's. A retro feel but very easy to wear--actually very comfy. Huge patch pockets, the type of thing literally unheard of in today's market. Still, who doesn't love a pocket? Soft knit, washable, this little dress has it all.

Another one of our romantic rather retro new dresses. Again, pockets! The over sized collar/shawl not only gives the neckline a flattering emphasis, it somehow makes the waist look even smaller. Knit and comfy to wear every day, cute enough to save for special occasions.

Who doesn't love Toile de Jouy? Well, maybe not everyone, but I certainly do. This dress is soft and stretchy enough to be forgiving, yet the cut is so good it makes most waist lines look smaller. Again, patch pockets! Who knew anyone was still making clothing with them! I love this dress so much I added one to my wardrobe. Yes, the neckline is a little sheer, but it does not have to be for evening only. I added a Sleevy Wonder underneath (Those tight little black sleeves that cover your arms and somehow look like part of a dress) and it took the dress right into day. But it is also a wonderful little sun dress. The yellow color is the color of butter accented in black. With a tiny black cardigan this dress can go anywhere...

This little dress has vintage airplanes on a dotted background. Wouldn't it be fun to wear on a trip? The top is sheer gray, but I wouldn't let that stop you as being too dressy, in fact it is the perfect sun dress. Pairing it with a cropped gray cardigan would take you anywhere. It is shown here with our fabulous brown cherry beaded necklaces.

Flattering is the only word to describe this dress. The fabric is knit so it has some give to it and just feels comfy. The cut seriously makes your waist look small. The aqua tie adds a dash of color but it could be traded out for a thin red patent belt or even a black one. Again, those pockets that I love so much! Just enough retro and just enough flirty to be a great dress.

I know I posted this cherry number a few days ago, but I am so excited about this collection, I am showing it to you again. Nothing is more retro than cherries! And the fact that these are black takes them up a notch! This dress is fun and flirty yet comfy! That's a combination I am always looking for. Pair this up with a little black cardigan and there is no where you can't go!

Hope you'll stop in and try one on. We are expanding our clothing selection not only because we love cute clothes, but because we find shopping out there is rather grim. It is refreshing to see such darling things being made! Jacqueline

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