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Hanging flower baskets ...

We had a tiny snow shower yesterday so I guess it is still too early to work in the garden. But that doesn't mean I can't plan for some hanging baskets. They seem to be an easy way to get a lot of punch and color. And somehow, they are easier to maintain than the entire garden...

I love the idea of simple white with a white porch.

Nasturtiums are very easy to grow. I tend to soak the seeds for a day before I plant them. The flowers are edible and at times we have put them on the tea trays at Her Majesty's. They tend to keep blooming all summer, which to my way of thinking is a real plus.

I love sweet potato vines and have always just picked up my plants at the nursery. But this year I have started a few sweet potatoes in glass jars to see if I can get them to sprout. The yellow green color almost glows at night. This is a great stand alone plant (and very hardy...) or beautiful mixed in with other plants.

How lovely is it to mix a couple of vibrant colors? Often these mixed baskets are all made up at the nursery just waiting for you to take home. And there is that instant garden thing about purchasing a beautiful hanging basket already established.