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Breakfast with Roger 90.7 fm

We were thrilled to be the guests for an hour on the Breakfast with Roger radio show (90.7fm) this morning. Sponsored by Nick and Kathy, every other week they host a local business to bring breakfast in to Roger and crew as a surprise. Each business represents a letter of the alphabet. We were their surprise guests today representing F for Fairchild's.

We brought pastries and tea, sweets and puff pastry! Mini cakes and candy hearts! And we brought our life size cut outs of Prince Harry and the Queen. Everyone wore crowns and tiaras and we chatted about starting our business, what we do here at Her Majesty's and our love of England and Scotland.

As soon as our pictures are ready we will post them. A special thank you to Roger and and crew for making us feel right at home. The broadcast will be live streamed and archived. As soon as it is posted on with Roger, we let you know with a post!

Jacqueline and Jerry