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Spring is in the air and it makes me want to be outside. Jerry has been repainting the trim at the tea room as we anxiously wait for our new arbor. He carefully stripped off the climbing rose bushes and trumpet vine to get ready for the new construction.

Jerry is anxious for our garden to get going too. Although he has been sorting his zinnia and sunflower seeds and planning their locations, he has decided to take a cup or so of our saved zinnia seeds and put them in today. It may get cold again, or it may not. And it would be lovely to have a jump on some of the zinnias. Of course he will plant his new seeds around Mother's Day, which for us in Illinois is our safe time.

I have been working all winter on coleus cuttings for the tea room's pots in the garden. Then are coming along and I think will make a nice show when the time is right to put them out. Coleus tend to be fragil and any cold weather will wilt them, so I guess I will just have to wait. But, it is nice to know spring is here and the garden will soon be ready... Jacqueline

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