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Let's have a tea party...

Her Majesty’s English Tea Room at Fairchild’s

211 N. 2nd Street, Village of Dunlap, Illinois 61525

309-243-8322-- Authorized Aga Dealer

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We would love to host your shower or special event

in our Ralph Lauren dining room.

Our intimate setting holds 29 guests.

With only one seating we will never rush you.

High Tea is served at 11:00am Wed-Sat by reservation. Reservations must be made by noon the day before you would like to come. Your complete meal is $15 and includes a warm scone with clotted cream and preserves, a sandwich selection including a chicken salad tart, a puff pastry with cream and Lemon Curd and a chocolate treat. You start with a fruity tea, a pot of the Queen’s tea is served with your meal and you finish with dessert tea.

Children age 5 and older are welcome to tea.

Stove Tea- elfin treats are presented in a vintage toy stove with a Teddy Bear sisters or puffy stuffed animal gift to take home (child’s meal $25)

Flower Faerie Tea-wear wings while dining on elfin treats including candy lips to kiss a candy frog. A gift of a tea set is included in this child’s meal-$25.

Paper Doll Tea: Lovely set of sticker paper dolls with complete meal. $25.00

Charm Tea includes a rainbow link charm bracelet and one of our 60 charms..($25.)