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Cake Purse...

Let them eat cake! I love tiered cakes from the glass ornament pictured to our new handbag. Perfect to celebrate your birthday-even better for the bride! She has to put those money envelopes in something! Every detail is perfection. Now at Her Majesty's. Call for details 309-243-8322.

The 'ring' is actually a glass ornament in a glass case. Perfect gift for those newly weds or someone like me who just cannot have enough rings and other sparkly things! The smokey topaz ring is from our jewelry collection. The tiara actually says Paris. What would you do with the tiara? Well I would simply put it on a cake stand and dream of my next trip!



Oh and I love real tiered cakes! Such indulgence that sometimes we all need even if it is just Sunday afternoon. Not that hard to make if you own some cake pans in various sizes. Wilton makes great ones that never seem to wear out. Make your cakes and then stack them up. If they are seem heavy or you are going a little over board, stick a couple (acutally 3 works best) wooden dolls ( is that the right word?) through all three layers just to help anquor them. If you don't have wooden dolls, use those chop sticks that come with your take out and you usually just toss in a drawer. And if you are making a serious wedding cake you will need more support. Just email me for help on that.

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