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Dress Rescue Blog-worth a look

I believe you would enjoy a new blog called Dress Rescue. About not only saving vintage clothing but restoring items and then wearing and enjoying them. Giving them new life. In a time of pre-fab it is endearting to salvage and restore old pieces that were once made with such love and attention to detail. And how charming is it to not only restore an item but to take it and all its ghosts out on the town...



Dress Rescue blog by Queen of the Morning, Jacqueline Gerber


Pink Flapper Dress

Why Dress Rescue?

Some people rescue dogs. Some people rescue cats. I rescue dresses. Photos and stories to come.

I bought this pale pink beaded dress several years ago at an estate sale in Lakewood, Ohio. The label on the back neckline simply reads, "Made in France." Crystal cuts create the zig-zag patterns front and back. It has a matching narrow scarf with a border of three rows of crystal cuts. The vertical bead motifs, left and right, front and back, consist of primarily seed beads in a mauve and grey pattern. Some of the crystal cuts are missing. I am harvesting a single row from the scarf to replace the beads on the dress.

A slip or underdress is necessary. Until I sew one, I've been using my plum silk nightgown, which has spaghetti straps. Underneath the pale pink silk chiffon, the plum color looks like mauve, which matches the beads. This weekend, I'm wearing it to the annual fundraiser feast for Trinity Cathedral in downtown Cleveland. The theme is "Downton Abbey." I also wore it to the WVIZ/PBS "Downton Abbey" tea at the Ritz-Carlton in December, with the addition of a Lady Mary coiffure and a rhinestone headband. Even Carson would approve of this frock.

Posted by Queen of the Morn aka Jacqueline Gerber