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Everything Lemon...

Do some of the people on your list have you stuck as to what to get them? They have it all or don't need a thing? Of course we have all heard this a million times and wonder how to make them happy. How about something they can use up? Who could say no to lemon curd buttery cookies and maybe a jar of lemon curd to dip them in? All sealed so they would not have to get tto them right away like baked goods. All delicious--little luxuries they might not get for themselves?

What about a beautiful bar of French milled soap? The French milled part means it has been milled several times to remove any impurities and will not only be richer but will last longer. No one likes to see their soap dissolve right before their eyes in the soap dish... Our lemon imported soaps are a burst of fresh scent. A little luxury for the tired shopper or just the thing tto perk you up through the holidays.

Lemon and ginger tea-it has a little kick to it to clear your head and still the ginger settles you down. Delicious.

Of course we have many many wonderful packaged cookies (or Biscuits as the Brits call them) and a large assortment of bath and scented products-all lovely, and all a little bit different from you have seen in every other store.

Our tea selection is impressive, if I do say so. A soothing or invigorating treat in a box. Stop in, we will be here the Sunday and Monday before Christmas. And our regular hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10-4. If you would like to join us in our tea room for a classic high tea, please call for reservations. We have a few tables open still for the season. 309-243-8322. And in the mean time enjoy the holidays.