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Candy Canes...just part of Christmas

I only think about Candy Canes this time of year, even though I rather enjoy them. I like to keep a fat jar of them on my counter just to keep it looking festive. And I swear they are my diet snack! It takes a long time to eat one candy cane vs a platter of cookies. I like to break them up with a hammer and put them on short bread dough before I bake it, or mix on melted white chocolate bark and then spread thin on parchment and break into hunks.

But if it has been a long and tiring day, I like to make an oversized cup of hot chocolate and hang one off the edge. And if I am indulging in marshmallows, I like to spear them just as they get soft!

Try some. They will take you back to your childhood and Santa. Jacqueline