Not to be believed new soaps...

New at Her Majesty's a collection of rich soaps that are so lovely it is hard to pick a favorite. If you close your eyes and inhale this melon and peach you will swear it is fresh fruit. Fabulous

A lavender so true and pure it is like a short trip to Provence. Perfect.

This is a soap that smells so divine you have to come in for a sniff to believe it.

When you walk through an English rose garden the scents are caught in the air and surround you and suddenly you get the fascination with roses. This soap captures that feeling.

Fruity and just fresh. I believe men will enjoy this as much as the ladies. I am sure Jerry will love it.

A lovely combination.

The lemon scent is strong and refreshing. A crisp clean scent that men would enjoy as much as the ladies.

I plan to put one of these in with my towels at home just to scent them.

All these new bars are hard to resist. All triple milled which not only makes them purer but makes them last longer. And all over sized.

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