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Black and Cream Transfer-ware


Black and cream transfer ware goes with everything. Really. And it is fun to collect. If you have china in bright colors the black and cream becomes a bold accent. If your china pieces are soft, the black and cream punches it up.

And at this time of year, a cup from England that says Tea in the Garden, well it is just perfect. After all in Illinois our gardens have times they are prettier than others and right now would be an ideal time to bring your china out doors for a little gathering. Even if it just for you, for a quiet escape.


This is a Stilton Bell. Cheese bells were popular at the turn of the century and used to hold a slab or wheel of cheese. Today when we entertain, I like to have a few wedges of Stilton cheese and place them on the tray under the bell (dome top) and then set the dome at an angle off to the side a bit. The lovely dome tells my guests the cheese is Stilton and yet it makes a dramatic presentation simply by using the dome.

This one is from Fortnum and Mason (we sell it at Her Majesty's) the premier gourmet grocers in London. As you attend the flea markets this summer look for cheese domes to add to your entertaining china.