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Time to plant your Everlastings...

herbs on rack.jpg

If you love the look of Everlastings...and would like your own rack like this of dry flowers, or simply want to make a Tussie Mussie ( a very tiny bouquet) or have an arrangement in your is the time to plant your Everlastings.

Most nurseries do not put these plants all together so it is your challenge to seek them out.

Globe Amarath comes in bright deep purplish pink, while and pastel pink. It is a must. It is usually planted as seeds and is a fast grower. It is a sturdy Everlasting with great color. I recommend it.

Straw Flowers come in a variety of golds and yellows but they also come in pink. Again, this is one you will plant by seed. But it is also a fast grower. And another sturdy dry flower that holds its color very well.

Yarrow. Yarrow is a favorite perennial. If you do no have any, I suggest you give it a try. The flower heads are dense and sturdy. Bright yellow or pink. Why not try both? When it is time to dry them, I think they look best if you strip the leaves. A great addition to an Everlasting garden.

Tansy. Now I happen to love Tansy. It does not keep it's color as well as Yarrow but it is a good flower to dry. Dry or growing it is one of nature's own repellents for garden bugs. A tall plant-I would try a plant or two. I have been known to tip the dry Tansy flowers in a little paint if they discolor. Cheating? Well maybe...

Lavender. I have had friends grow it very successfully here in the Midwest. I have not found that right vareity. But of course I love it and keep trying. If you know of a very hardy variety, let me know.

If you do not have a bed to devote to your Everlastings, mix them in your garden. I think you will be happy you gave them a try. And at the end of the season when it is time to harvest them and you are saying goodbye to your other flowers, you will thank me.