Let's have an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

alice mirrored.jpg

Let's have an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party. Anytime you entertain with a theme your guests are guaranteed a good time. And you have built in guidelines to make your event etra special.

alice signs.jpg

Maybe you need to put a sign out. Let them know this is where the tea party is...and get them excited before they even come in.

alice tickets.jpg

Maybe you want to send out invitations you make on your printer. Ones that look like little tickets.

cookie tea pot.jpg

Cut out cookies are easier than you might think. And even easier if you roll them out on parchment paper, scrape away the excess and slip that whole parchment paper on your cookie sheet. The secret to a great gloss frosting is to make your Royal frosting a little on the thin side.

alice cakes.jpg

Petite Fours are available in most bakeries. Or try your hand at them. Not enough time? Try mini cupcakes-equally as effective. You can make the 'Eat Me' flags on your computer printer and attach to toothpicks.

alice drink me up.jpg

How about some fun drinks....with little tags attached? These could be tied on your tea cup handles and on the necks of cold bottles of iced tea...

alice mushrooms.jpg

The merinque mushrooms take a little practice but once you get the hang of them...

alice cake big.jpg

Your center piece could also be an outrageous cake...

alice iris.jpg

Take it up a notch with Alice in the yard....

alice legs.jpg

And what are you going to wear?

heart panty hose.jpg

But most of all...make it fun....