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Tea in the garden...

Here in Illinois it is 51 degrees yet our gardens are trying to come to life. This is an ideal time to brew your favorite tea and take it to the garden. A good time to see just what survived the winter and what needs to be replaced. And what new plants you want to add.

Here at Her Majesty's we are babying along starts at home, getting them ready to come to the garden. Although our flower garden in front of the tea room is small we like it to feel packed with color and texture. The yellow flower in the left hand corner of this picture is Cyprus Spurge-a perennial that we love. Brigth yellow flowers in spring, soft feathery greens in the summer and then bright red flowers come fall. And it is a polite size that behaves itself.

A good time to dream about warmer weather when the garden will be full and breathtaking and to enjoy a good hot cup of tea. Of course I recommend Yorkshire Gold-hearty and full of caeffeine to pull you through the cold doldrums. Number one tea in England--the one the Queen drinks.