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Welcome to Becoming Santa, Book One of the Nantucket Tuck You Inn series

What if you were destined to become the next Santa Claus yet not only fought the idea—simply couldn’t grasp it?

Even if you were in love with the person proposing the idea to you? Even if your son felt he’d found his new mom? After all, how could you believe in something so totally outrageous when you don’t even believe in yourself…?

And when the love of your life leaves, because it is almost Christmas and she has work to do, you cast all logic to the winds and chase after her. Your only address is Santa’s Village, North Pole. Your planes get smaller until you find yourself on a train going through Candy Land and King Kandy himself taking you by sleigh to Santa’s Village.

A story of a young man who cannot believe in himself mind Santa Claus, and a young boy who doesn’t question his belief just feels he has found a mom.

Join me from the magical island of Nantucket to the North Pole and start to believe all over again …

I am sure you will love Walter's story. Introducing the formidable Miss Tabatha Tucker, proprietress of the stately Tuck You Inn, very Old Nantucket, exactly where you would want to stay.   

 And then follow Miss Tucker's adventures in Looking for Santa, number two in my new Nantucket series.


If you would like an autographed copy for yourself or a friend, please contact me. 309-370 4507 or email me at 14.99 plus postage. Also available on Amazon.  


Enjoy the  magic of Nantucket and the holidays.


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Welcome to Looking for Santa, Book Two in the  Nantucket Tuck You Inn Series

Santa Claus has a summer house on Nantucket! Absurd!

But ace New York Times reporter Max is on a ferry to the island, to satisfy his young nieces, when he meets the elusive Noel, part time dress designer for Nantucket’s #1 boutique, and part time designer to the first family of Santa’s Village, and starts to change his tune.

Is the entire island hiding Santa’s secret and if so what would it take to crack the exclusive circle of insiders—short of love?  But of course, first Max needs to believe …

Take an arm chair visit to the enchanting island of Nantucket, and then zip right up to Santa’s Village all while amercing you in the world of high end magical fashion design. Just be prepared to hold on to your heart …

I would love to send you an autographed copy of this tender romance. Or one for a friend. Contact me at 309-370-4507 or email me at

14.99 plus postage. Also available on Amazon. I know you will fall under the magic of Noel. Get ready for book number three in my Nantucket series, The Mermaid Mansion.  The story of a pirate who loved a mermaid and the mansion he built her. Coming soon.

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

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Estate of Mind

Ever wonder what restoring an old mansion and turning it into  bed and breakfast would be like? Miranda simply had  to move her aging father from the city to a country retirement center and get her two small children out of inner city schools. This meant sacrificing her own career.


How hard could it be to find a new career in the country? Or  a place to live? Harder than she ever imagined!

As the housekeeper at a derelict mansion, Miranda begins cleaning out decades of trash while vowing that when the absentee owner returns, she will give him a piece of her mind for living like such a slob. 

After endless scrubbing, painting, polishing, and restoring, the old house is magnificent. To Miranda's delight, the attic holds a treasure trove  of old furniture just waiting to be brought back  to life. Encouraged by her friends,  Miranda turns the  gorgeous estate into a bed and breakfast.

But what happens when the absentee owner finally comes home, only to be checked in by Miranda's sever year old son?

Tender and heartwarming, I am sure you will fall under the charm of Estate of Mind. Please contact me if you would like a personalized copy  for yourself or a friend. 309-243-8322,  

14.99 plus shipping.

Or on Amazon.


Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

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Greater Expectations, four women, all very different with one thing in common, they are lonely.  Have you ever wondered just what lies in those dating agency files ? Of course you have, all those TV and written ads make it sound as if everything under the sun and more is there...Well, maybe it is time I expose Dating Agencies and give you my take on them. 

Introducing Greater Expectations Trish's Story, Book One.

Welcome to Greater Expectations, book one, Trish’s Story

Is Mr. Right hiding in an ultra expensive dating agency? Or is that agency no more than a scam? Created by two men to rake in money, not to mention their own ‘dates’.

Introducing four not so young women who hate the word desperate, are a little more comfortable with the word lonely, and not affluent enough to join an agency—which really sounds like more of an insult anyway.

But the persuasive daily ads win them over and they decide to pool their savings, join as a composite, and divvy up the men.

Ironically Trish leaves her corporate human resources career and takes a job matching up clients at said dating agency. Though once she begins she realizes first, she has to have the agency over-hauled, from tacky furniture and messy files. One of the owners is more than happy to leave Trish to it and sneak out to the golf course. And Trish just starts treating the agency as though it is her own business.

Even with access now to the inner files, no one really appeals to Trish until one man puts a hit on her file … and her interest is piqued. She ignores her guide book: ‘How to Meet Your Soul Mate in 6 Months’ and has a whirlwind weekend date. Because Trish thinks it is just possible she has met her soul mate.

But Monday, back at work, who walks in, shocked at the changes, but the vacationing other owner … And Trish’s new soul mate!

How can he work with the woman who has finally melted his playboy heart? And how could she be running his business so much better than he and his partner had been?

Maybe he can’t work with her, but can he live without her?

And when he discovers her secret success to pairing clients, he goes off the deep end.

But by the time he gives her methods a second glance, Trish is gone.

Part dating manual for the forty and over crowd. Part humor and part poignant—all rolled into four women who decide one by one to change their lives, all while exposing dating agencies from the inside.

Welcome to Greater Expectations and join me as we get Trish’s pals squared away …

I am sure you will fall in love with all four of my leading ladies. If you would like an autographed copy, please contact me at 309-370-4507 or email me at 14.99 plus postage. Also available on Amazon.

Now let's take a look at Maggie's Story...

 Sweet reading,

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

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Greater Expectations Maggie's Story, book two

Any of you who know me know I am a dog (and cat) lover. I cannot resist a furry friend, from the look in their eyes be it love, demands for more table food, or just a sarcastic little sneer, I  truly love animals. Piepie my sweet little Peke is asleep next to me in a basket of  soft sweaters...

This is a story about animals, about a vet (as any one will with a vet will attest to theirs is the best...)  and a woman who has liven selfishly and alone.

Welcome to Greater Expectations Book Two-Maggie’s Story.

Maggie is forced to face the depressing reality that one of her pals is married … something she was sure would never happen. And now there are three … And the reception is over before she can pull out of her bad mood.

Even with access to the Greater Expectations coveted files, buttoned up accountant Maggie tends to pick carbon copies of herself. Yet the very messy vet Dr. Bob remembers how Maggie helped him with Honey Crisp’s puppies and decides if she had a puppy, well, he’d get to see her.

Can opposites really attract … and stay together? And can a semi mean girl with a chip on her shoulder ever mellow out … or change? Join me as Maggie learns some of life’s very simple lessons and also learns life can be messy …

In the mean time Maggie’s pal Pandora has not met true love, just a very good friend, same for the very glamorous Jillian. And both Pan and Jillian melt down when their ‘friends’ find their soul mates. And once again Pandora and Jillian’s lives revert to lonely singles.

Will Greater Expectations dating agency come through for Maggie, Pandora or Jillian? Part 2 in the Greater Expectations series where the myths of dating agencies are exposed and love has its own way of working things out.

Personalized copies available from me 14.99 plus postage. Just call me at 309-370-4507 or email me at


Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

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Greater Expectations Pandora's Story, book three

I  love to bake, well, especially cookies. This is a story for all the cookie bakers and eaters out there. Funny, as I type I am eating a warm Chocolate Chunker..


I ran my tea room Her Majesty's English  Tea Room for 21 years and loved every  minute of it...but there was always a  tiny corner of my  heart that wanted to run a diner. Yes, true. I love diner food and all the nostalgia they conjure up. And though I love dainty tea time fare, I also love a serious roast beef sandwich  on home made artisan bread, dripping with horseradish sauce...and maybe a side of hand cut fries while I am at it. 

This is the story of a cookie baker and a diner owner, simple as that. Though of course there are complications. Life is complicated, no matter what we do  to try and keep it simple. Enjoy Pandora's story with a warm cookie and  a glass of cold milk...

Greater Expectations, Book Three, Pandora’s Story

Shy and down to earth Pandora hasn’t had much luck in the files of Greater Expectations.


Besides she would rather be home baking the perfect cookie than dressed up and eating some ho hum dinner with some ho hum dating agency member. Still, she is lonely and maybe just a tad lonelier now that Trish and Maggie have found their soul mates.

And she knows Mr. Even Average will never walk into the sub basement of Caterpillar International to the kitchens where, engulfed in her uniform she bakes. No, if he wandered in, he would never notice her. Yet her spare time is spent baking, not hunting …

As Pandora drives to the library Christmas party, her car loaded with delicate cookies, she jams on the breaks, all thoughts of her delicate creations breaking fly from her head. There on the ice is Santa Claus! Did she hit him or simply stop in time from running him over … and killing him further?

Santa Claus/Dink is in traction in the hospital and has asked his pal Jingles to take over his roadside diner and keep it running. Jingles assembles the A team, and they not only take over, but start streamlining the burger joint. And Pandora is asked to bake cookies.

A far cry from her job in the kitchens of Caterpillar Internationals, Pan is in her glory. Boldly she bakes and shyly mingles with the diners.


But when Dink finally returns he finds his dream cookies and the mystery woman who makes them, right there in his restaurant. And sparks fly.

But what happens when Dink’s Xwife and supposed daughter appear demanding money? Is Pandora’s fantasy going to burn? And will she be forced to return to her job of drudgery?

The quietest and most down to earth of the pals who all chipped in to join Greater Expectations, Pan has already seen her pal Corky find true love while two of her friends have found their soul mates.


Can she possibly have it all? Dream job and the man of her dreams? And will she have to step up her timid personality to reach out and fight for what she wants?

I am quite sure you will enjoy following Pandora  and her adventures.  If you would like an autographed copy please get in touch with me. My phone number is 309-370-4507 or email me at 14.99 plus postage. Also available  on Amazon.

From cookies to glamour, it is time for you to read the rest of Jillian's story, in book four.


Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

jillian cover front.jpg

Greater Expectations Jillian's Story, book four

People often ask me if I have a favorite story that I have written. Well,  that would be like asking me which was or is my favorite pet. I always say  my current one. Right now I am working on a new story  and yes it is my favorite. And will you like it? I feel certain you will.  That said, Jillian's Story is possibly my favorite, despite what I just said. It is poignant, tender and a bit daring in its own quiet way. I believe you will fall in love with Jillian as you continue to read her story. And I believe you will cheer for her happy ending which she really wants.

In brief:

Welcome to Greater Expectations, Book Four: Jillian’s Story:

Former model turned photographer, Jillian, tries desperately to recapture her youth, only to find she is taken as a fluffy woman … by the first man, Sheppard, who she has an interest in


Sheppard Maximillion is a former Barbour UK clothing model, Range Rover model, and Ralph Lauren’s poster child.


But he gives it all up to run Nature Magazine in the country. A magazine he inherits from his grandfather. So he leaves the glamorous world behind and moves to the country, to start his new career.

Jillian becomes the photographer for Greater Expectations dating agency but finds she actually enjoys photographing the great outdoors far more than doing people’s portraits.


A series of photographs of an architect friend’s newest project lands her a gallery showing in NYC, introducing her to the dashing gallery owner George Symogy.

Jillian’s gallery opening, and George, sweeps her off her feet only to find his attentions are turned to his next gallery star… despite his pleas of love to her.


And yet Jillian’s heart is torn between Sheppard and George. Does she love the attention of being a star again? Does she want to share George’s attention with his newest star? Or does she want Sheppard to know the real her and care for her?

A bit of country and glam mixed together. I know Jillian will become a favorite story of

yours too. If you would like a personalized copy, please reach out to me at telephone 309-370-4507  or email me at 14.99 plus postage. Also available on Amazon.

To all dating agencies out there, possibly you are the key, or at least the motivation  to think outside the box. Who knows what is waiting for you? 

Best regards,

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

creating front cover.jpg

The Scrap Book Trilogy

Welcome to my Scrap Book Trilogy

Creating Memories, book one

Scrapbooking with a new twist by 3 very very old women.  Need a place to live?  Maybe an old brown stone, arts and crafts house or simply a country club type retirement center.  Easy, breezy, Parcheesi-just find a picture and put it in your scrap book.


Something new to wear…a little pocket change…


Auntie Clara takes it all one step further when she decides what she really wants is family-namely her great niece from NYC.  Unemployed and living on Oreos, Lizzie’s first reaction to a letter from an unknown aunt to move to God knows where and take a job not even mentioned, but with a flat, well, seems out of the question.


But the question is…oh, yeah, survival.


How can a used Mini Cooper with a custom paint job to match a pink Burberry handbag, cost only $200-unless the fossil selling it to her is a friend of Auntie Clara.  Since the next letter just might be an eviction notice, Lizzie packs her Mini (sends ahead her shoe collection) and heads to the middle of nowhere.


The job is grounds keeper?  As in dirt and weeds and…but Clara now wants a scrap book shoppe and well, maybe a nice husband for Lizzie.


But is it all Clara’s child hood dream she is simply forcing on her niece?  Maybe…the scrap book needs to be tucked away and after all Lizzie should be able to make her own decisions.


Funny the way a job that couldn’t get rid of Lizzie fast enough suddenly wants, no needs her back.  And she splits, leaving the now up and running business, Cooper the mechanic, and of course 3 very freaked out Aunties.


The only way Clara can bring her back is put herself in Lizzie’s scrap book surrounded by black clouds and Sharpie rain.  How sick could she get?


The story of a very ancient woman and her great niece.  The struggles that whisper, the unfound dreams and the never ending hope mirrored in both the old and the young.  Same problems, just different packages.

Welcome to book one of my scrap book series. I know you will love it.

To order a personalized copy call me at 309-370-4507 or email me at

14.99 plus postage. Also on Amazon.


 Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

grand cover.jpg

Grand Memories, book two of the Scrap Book series.

Have you ever wanted to go to  the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island and part take in one of their murder mysteries? Well, now is your chance. Join Auntie Blanchie as she shakes up her granddaughter's world on Mackinac Island...

Welcome to Grand Memories:

Now that Auntie Clara has convinced her great niece to come to town—and stay, Auntie Blanchie wants her granddaughter Coco in her life. What would it take to lure a young fashion designer? Auntie Blanchie simply arranges for Coco to win a week at the prestigious Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, for their annual Murder Mystery.

The Murder is set in the 20’s and the prize includes racks of vintage clothes, and jewels. To a young girl caught in a black and white world, and living in a Technicolor one, Coco is thrilled beyond words. After all, this is the era she wants to design for… instead of working in a sweat shop sewing. But Coco gets more than a free trip when she meets dashing Scotsman Ian, one of the actors, and literally gets swept off her feet.

Auntie Blanchie and her chums are all in costume, or maybe their own vintage clothes, still Blanchie can’t seem to tell Coco she is her long lost grandmother—and fairy godmother. But if she was younger … maybe it would be easier. And when Blanchie uses her scrap book to go back in age, can she return?

When an attempt is made on one of the actor’s lives, murder goes from the hotel’s event to real life. Welcome to the grandest of all hotels, Grand Hotel, and the step back in time Murder Mystery event But be prepared, all is not as it appears …

Would you like a copy personalized? Call me at 309-370-4507 or email me at 14.99 plus postage.  Also on Amazon.

Now get ready for book three and your  trip to Scotland...


Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

charmed front cover.jpg

Charmed Memories, book three of the Scrap Book Trilogy

This is Auntie Bertie's story and perhaps the most tender of the three. I know if you love jewelry and charms half  as much as I do, this story will capture your heart. Gem stones have their own language just as flowers do. As you read you will discover the magic gem stones hold. Enjoy...

Welcome to Charmed Memories

Dee creates magical charms. Why shouldn’t she? Her Scottish heritage from Ballater, where the River Dee’s waters run pure, and Queen Victoria claim magical, is in her blood. But Dee forces herself to cross the puddle, and sell her charms at the wholesale shows.

Mysterious ads in glossy magazines, for gem stone jewelry are the buzz. All the gems tell their own story. The jeweler remains anonymous, only increasing the appeal. But when the jeweler starts adding a charm to his works of art, he becomes as bent set on finding the charm designer as the public is set on discovering his identity.

When crisis comes knocking at UK famed Bootles Jewelry Stores, Dee realizes she must go home, save her heritage, with her grandmother.

From the heather countryside of Ballater Scotland, to the sophisticated world of jewels in Edinburgh, the language of gem stones saves a business, reunites Auntie Bertie with her granddaughter, and brings two jewelers together.

If you would enjoy a signed copy, please reach out to me at 309-370-4507 or email me at This closes my scrap book trilogy but is by no means the end of the Aunties and their antics.  Follow Auntie Clara as she goes on holiday  to the Tuck You Inn in Nantucket and teams up with Tabatha Tucker.  She will be arriving in Nantucket in The Mermaid Mansion, coming out soon. Does she stay? Does she return to Windstar? The  island of Nantucket has its own lure and possibly captures her heart. Plus, Miss Tucker needs help running her inn...and what better help than a boarder with a magic scrap book! See you there.


Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

make me over cover.jpg

Welcome to Make Me Over...

Perhaps you need a make over? Possibly your home does? 


This is the story of a hardworking Interior Designer who guarantees your  home make over to be beyond your wildest dreams.  

Close to my heart as I spent many years as an Interior Designer at the prestigious Higbee's Department store on staff as one of their designers.


The ins and outs of the design world, the demands of the  clients and the equally outrageous demands of the designers are exposed in this story. 


But it is so much more than a story of interior  design. It is a love story...and all the harder the older we get... We are set in our ways and it is difficult to open our hearts to change.

Welcome to Make Me Over

Mega star interior designer Hallie Great constantly hears clients demand she make over their homes.


Yet her own personal life is nonexistent until her meddling friend Jinx enters her to be the next Bachelorette.


Not that Hallie watches TV or even knows what this means. But the coveted slot of bachelorette includes a serious personal make over…

Paths cross for two women with entirely different careers. Both realize they have devoted every waking moment to their jobs—and find just one complaint: they are lonely.


Amy is a reality TV producer for the Bachelorette Show; Hallie owns an interior design mega business. The producer and designer both understand what it took the other to claw their way to the top of their fields—and that is enough to form a friendship.

Can the failing reality show be saved with a new twist--an older, bit more desperate bachelorette? A not quite so picky bachelorette, even if she is there by force?


Bachelors are professional men, older; it goes without saying, and hopefully willing to relocate to the home of the interior design maven.


There are no roller blading dates. Dates are at trade shows so the interior designer can not only keep working, but the men get a true feeling for what they may be in for.

One of the bachelors is a disgruntled employee of the bachelorette—so out of sight in her empire, she doesn’t even recognize him.


This is his chance to get back at her for all her demanding ways—but what if he starts falling for her?

And the producer is cheering for one mystery author—maybe because she has taken a liking to him …

Dating is always difficult, but the older one gets the rougher the whole dating machine becomes, with or without the help of reality T V.

From a gorgeous Edwardian Mansion, being made over for the Junior League, to sunny California and the Bachelorette Mansion.

Welcome to Make Me Over

If you would enjoy this story autographed to you or a friend, reach out to me at 309-370-4507 or email me at 14.99 plus postage. And of course,  on Amazon.

And curl up and enjoy Hallie's story.


Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

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