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Tea Time with Her Majesty, Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

Welcome to my site, where you can enjoy thoughts to make your day easier, precious merchandise you can purchase, information about  my novels including my new Nantucket series: Nantucket Tuck You Inn, Becoming Santa, Looking for Santa, The Mermaid Mansion. And my previously published novels: Estate of Mind, The Scrap Book Trilogy: Creating Memories, Grand Memories, Charmed Memories. Make Me Over. The Greater Expectations series of four: Trish's Story,  Maggie's Story, Pandora's Story, Jillian's Story.  

I will  review  my books, and give you insights as to how and why I came up with whatever I am writing about. Also what has inspired me. Sometimes there are quirky reasons I select  names for my characters. I have used my friend Linda Hartman's  suggestions repeatedly. If you have a favorite name, let me know, I may have a character looking for a great name.

I write about places I have been and hold dear. I want to share these special spots with you and hope you will be either encouraged to visit them, whether it is Nantucket or the Grand Hotel at Mackinac Island. Or simply travel to them via your arm chair. 

The Midwest is an area many people fly over and miss all the charm. The people are down to earth and kind, even in the cities. I live in the Midwest and write about it often and hope, given the chance you will visit.

I will also review books that have touched me and hope you will give a try.

If you are interested in writing, I will try to help with words of encouragement, because sometimes that is all the more we need to get us going. And if you would like to share your words, please reach out to me.

 The Royals hold a special spot in my heart as they do for many of you. I will keep you up to date on any news I hear from my UK wholesalers who seem to always put their finger right on the pulse of what is happening. And I will share with you tender Royal moments that I like.


I believe Royalty is a State of Mind and I will show you ways to not only feel Royal but to believe you are even more special than you think. 

Tea time is any time you need to feel special. I like to take it up a notch with beautiful English china and I think you deserve to have a quiet moment with something beautiful in your hand. I will share with you all the UK imports that somehow I believe are just a tad nicer than any thing else. I go to great lengths to resource items that you will not find at Home Goods or TJ Maxx. Not that I don't shop at those stores, we all do. But at times we want something just a little more special.

Tea, hot or cold, seems to sooth and invigorate at the same time. Come with me and learn a little more about tea and tea time.

Cooking is my passion and I would like to include some of my favorite recipes at times. If you have a favorite especially concerning tea time, please send it to me and I will share it with my readers. 

Gardening is another love of mine. I know so many truly fabulous gardeners. I am possibly a point and dream gardener, but I do get in the dirt now and again. I have a passion for roses and have just ordered my New Dawn climbers (pale pink ever bloomers, hardy here in Illinois) from Antique Rose Emporium in Texas. Their roses come POTTED,  they answer their phone with real concern and ideas. I love them and hope if you need roses you will go to their site and look around.

I hope you will visit often and share with me the romance I find in my heart. 

Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild

Any ideas or thoughts I would love to hear.



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